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What began in a glorified queens open mic circa 2009, Zander (and his friends) became a musician and performer of many talents real quickly.  Shortly after forming his band "zander and friends," this multi-instrumentalist and songsmith took things nationally with the Glen Hansard show Once, and brought his buds with him. While out with once, zander played packed houses to molly malones and rockwell table and stage in L.A., james hoban's in D.C., deep south in raleigh, the hideout in toronto, the gramophone in st. louis, the nines in ithaca, the bowery electric, pianos, and rockwood music hall in nyc among other killer venues.  in 2014 he was honored to play with glen hansard in hollywood, which was a highlight of his career.  another highlight was being profiled in the wall street journal.
Zander's music is compared to Barenaked Ladies, Mumford and Sons, Ben Folds, and 60's pop peppered with a hint of Stephen Lynch and Adam Sandlers shtick-rock.  not one single z&F song exists that doesn't create an insufferable earworm (an annoyingly-catchy melody) .
the idea here is that music is supposed to be fun, and make you feel everything.  Love and sadness, of course.  But also the feeling you get when you get more-marshmallows-than-expected in your lucky charms, or when you accidentally walk head-first into a glass door.


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